Terra is the "Hana Niwa", Japanese for flower garden, a peaceful place that is second to Radia when it comes to mana, since this world is full of life. The Terrans practice their skills to care for their nature world, usually taking shifts as to not tire each other out,

Gate KeeperEdit

The gate keeper of Terra lies in Ortus Sanctimonia, which is Latin for Garden of Purity. The gate keepers of Terra are called Terresia.


The core of Terra is Agershum, ager being Latin for land. Agershum is a garden in the darkest part of Terra. Getting to it is quite easy, but once you cross the entrance, you will be hoarded by undead wildlife and plants, and the occasional dark pixie. Getting past them isn't easy, there being so many of them and that their only actual goal is to destroy whoever trespasses. If one ever passes all the waves of undead, they will get to the heart of the garden, which is literally shaped like a heart. At the center, you will find a Viviblix who has been reviving and controlling the undead. He would settle to bringing up more of the undead, this time much bigger and stronger to attack..

If one is able to defeat the undead and the Viviblix, he would summon the Silva Phasmatis or the Forest Spirit. The spirit would then give you the Obsidum Flora, which has the power over space.


Terra is home to Fairies, Sprites and Pixies.


Fairies are the female of Terra and are the ones who take care of the plants. They have the appearance of teenage girls with, most commonly, butterfly wings. Fairies specialize in magic, particularly that of the grass element. They are not good at physical attacks, mostly resorting to summoning and controlling their plants.


Sprites are the male of Terra, taking care of the animals who live there. They look like teenage boys with, usually, dragonfly wings. They are good at using magic, specifically in the earth element. They control the land itself, and summon animals, and are not advised for physical combat.


Pixies are either male or female and are usually those who change seasons in Terra. They look like either Fairies or Sprites, but are only as big as 7 inches. Due to their size, they usually move and work in groups, or go with a Fairy or Sprite. They do not fight, only acting as distractions.

Season 1Edit

In season 1, Terra is not shown in the story, having been the 1st world taken by Coercia. The current Terresia and some inhabitants survive to make it to Radia, though, before Terra is completely gone.

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