Radia is the "Haven of Mana", the world with the most energy. Although it is full of energy, Radia is still the most average of the worlds. They do not typically practice fighting for war, although they still train themselves for such an occasion.

Radia is a world made of mostly the elements, having places based on them. Certain artifacts lie in these places.

Gate Keeper

The gate keeper of Radia resides in Faith Temple, at the center of the Temple Grounds, which lies near the Dark Abyss. Those who become gate keepers of Radia are called Ephira.


The core of Radia is Letalis Templum, which is Latin for Fatal Temple. The temple it self lies in the middle of a desert, but the inside can only be accessed through a secret entrance in the Desert Region. The passage is an underground labyrinth, with paths that could ultimately lead to one's death. Many explorers have been able to find the labyrinth, but none have ever lived to tell. From the labyrinths, the actual entrance is guarded by an ancient spirit. Once you defeat it, the inside of the temple is filled with traps, leading to a back room where the actual treasure lies. And yet, inside the room is a Narcoblix, a being that looks human but whose breath puts one to sleep, and a bite connects it to you, which enables it to control you once you are asleep.

If you are able to defeat the Narcoblix, you may be able to claim the treasure of Radia, Energum Aegis. It is believe that the reason the temple is so heavily guarded is that the treasure grants invulnerability, never letting the one who has it to be injured.


Radia is home to the Humans, Elves, Dwarves and Halfys.


Humans are the most normal among all the races in Ether Destiny, with no specialties and prominent weaknesses of their own, thus being able to adapt to most places and fights. Humans are, as you can guess, average looking people. They have a balance between power and magic, and can take on any element.


Elves come next to humans, looking almost exactly alike, except that their ears tend to be more pointed. They have keen eyes, being best with bows and arrows. They have a weakness in their physical defenses, but only slightly. They have no elemental weaknesses, able to take on any element. They are slightly better in magic than power.


Dwarves are about chest height at most, and look like small, furry people. Despite their size, they are very strong but slow, due to the fact that they usually carry big, heavy weapons such as axes and hammers. They have weak resistance to magic, but to no specific one. They are not good at magic, advised not to take on any element at all.


Hafys, at most,are the size of human children, never getting taller. They are not good at either power or magic, but they are very fast, good as distractions or for thievery. They carry small weapons, but usually sharp and lethal ones. They have weak over-all defenses, but, due to their size, do not get hit very often.

Season 1

Radia is the world where the story takes place in the original season of "Ether Destiny". It is the last of the 7 original worlds that has not yet been conquered by Coercia.

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