Dragonia is the "Stronghold of Dragons.", the world of fire. This world is, what you'd guess, inhabited by mostly dragons and other violent creatures with an elemental attachment to fire. Dragonians are considered to be the most ferocious of all, but not necessarily the strongest.

Gate KeeperEdit

The gate keeper of Dragonia resides in the palace itself, and she is the queen. Gate keepers of Dragonia are called Sentenia, and the name of the current one is Chiyo, name meaning "thousand generations" or "thousand worlds".


The core of Dragonia is Exuragan, exuro being Latin for burn and agan latin for combust. Exurosem is a maze under the royal palace. The maze is scorching hot since most of the paths ends at active volcanoes. One must time their passage through the maze perfectly because magma tends to pass through frequently. At the end of one of the paths, in a large room, resides a Pyroblix. It is said that the Pyroblix is the one that erupts the volcanoes in Dragonia. Most of what the Pyroblix can do is unknown, the only skills being shown is that it can breath fire and is possibly the one that grants Drakes the ability to turn into dragons, because the claim on the treasure had only gone through talk.

The treasure of Dragonia, the Serpent's Eye, grants the holder the ability to see anywhere.



Drakes are the inhabitants of Dragonia. They look like actual people only with wings(for the royal family), fangs, claws and something like a serpent marking around one arm and another around a leg. They have the ability to talk like and transform into dragons, and in the case of Kenji, a phoenix. Drakes are very strong, and good at magic involving fire.

Season 1Edit

Dragonia was the 6th planet to be taken by Coercia, with only 2 escaping: Chiyo and her son Kenji.

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