Despergan is the "Chaotic Inferno", considered to having been a part of Dragonia. It is the world of demons, also called the "Graveyard of Destina". Despergan is home to evil souls, forever bound to the world, unable to proceed to Pasca. The souls become slaves to those who live here, pleading to be forgiven and freed.

Gate KeeperEdit

Despergan's gate keeper has been the same from the start, being merely a soul. She is considered to be the resident devil, residing in the Cemetary and taking charge of all the souls. Her name is Dasper, and she is one of the creators of Destina.


The core of Despergan is Obscuren, derived from obscurum which is Latin for darkness. It is a cemetary guarded by the souls of the dead and some roaming demons. In an abandoned chapel inside the cemetary, a Venenoblix lives with Dasper and they guard the treasure of Despergan. The Venenoblix involuntarily releases poison from its body and it routinely dips its projectile needle in poison.

Once defeated, the Venenoblix turns into a huge puddle of toxin as a last defense, while Dasper opens a dimensional gate next to a golden box. She disappears suddenly, leaving the explorers. If they manage to get across the toxin, they usually end up in the Sea of Souls, where the gate leads to because once they open the box, they get distracted from it since it is the Charm of Distortion.



Diablons are the most demonic among all races, preferring to torture a target before killing them as opposed to the Drakes. They tend to have dark personalities. Diablons look like humans, except that they have horns on their heads and some have wings. They are good at magic involving darkness, and are also equally talented in their physical strength.

Season 1Edit

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